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4 best ways to create a Video Marketing Campaign Ever

Video Marketing is the latest trend in the advertising and marketing sector. 3d visualization in Video Marketing started long back with television commercials. Today, we have Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and several ads on social media channels. Video Marketing has taken over all the other forms of campaigns. Videos generally can capture the audience’s attention. If the video is interesting, audiences get attracted to the brand, even if they are not the direct target audience. For example, people who do not have cars started booking ZOOMCAR for travelling. This is not only because ZOOMCAR has amazing service but also because of their smart video marketing campaigns.

Several other companies and brands do not directly sell the product. They create campaigns that are interesting and exciting to draw more people. A video needs to be effective and for that, certain steps must be followed.

Create a Story

Create a story of the brand or the product. The script of the video plays a very significant role. If a video has a story it is interesting to watch. Also, when the audience will find glimpses and story of their lives in the video, they would get more interested as they can relate. For example, the Tanishq Mia Collection talks about everyday working women. This attracts women of 20-30 years since it is their story too.


A video campaign is not a short film or a pocket film. It should be as short as a commercial ad, from 6 seconds to maximum of 30 seconds. And in this time if you cannot capture the audience’s attention there are high chances that people will not watch the whole video. Time management is very important. Saying the right words with the perfect time makes video marketing successful.

Be Specific

In one video, it is not necessary to show all the products and services. It is wise to focus on things that need to be highlighted. Generally it happens that stuffing too much information on a single video usually makes it boring and information gets overlooked.

Use Tags

SEO is an interesting thing. Make use of it in a very effective way. The SEO helps your video to appear on the top when right tags are used. For example, if you create a video for a restaurant, don’t forget to add the hashtags that go with food and restaurants.

These are a few steps that must be followed to make video marketing successful. Also, you can create augmented videos for marketing. Andreal -3d visualization does brilliant video marketing. To know more, visit