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4 Steps to Establish your Brand Identity

Branding is an integral part of any establishment to survive in a competitive market. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to develop into an effective brand. No brand has been created overnight. Great brands are created through a series of planning and maintenance and grooming. A brand is supposed to have an image that is simple yet effective. A brand is what connects the vr companies with the consumers. Branding shapes consumers’ perceptions and expectations.  Successful branding needs the below-mentioned steps.

Creating an effective Logo

The most crucial part of developing a branding strategy is creating a strong logo. A logo is not a brand. A logo is a visual element that symbolizes the brand and plays a large role in establishing an emotional connection with the product. The first rule for logo design is that, a logo should be able to speak for itself. The world-famous logos of the companies are very effective. When you hear the name of the brands, their logo comes to mind instantly.

For example, Google, Twitter, Nike etc.

Exploring a Brand Identity

The next step is SWOT analysis. When evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a company, the evaluation should be honest. Also, considering the target audience should be a top concern. Brainstorming sessions are very important. Also, there should be a focused group of people who are dedicated in SWOT, for effective result.

Building a Branding Strategy

All the positive and negative feedback of the consumers should be taken care before building a brand strategy. In case the public perception is negative, it is important to solve and assure the consumers and regain their trust on the brand.

Creating a Tagline

Tagline defines a brand. A tagline should connect with the consumers easily. For example Amul’s “Taste of India” is one such taglines that connect with people easily. The major point is to keep a simple yet effective tagline so that it is easy to remember. It is wise to come up with a clever or witty tagline yet it connects with the brand.

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