Abhisek Ghosh

Second-Highest Sales Achiever

My name is Abhisek, and I bring over six years of experience in sales and marketing to the table. A pivotal chapter of my career unfolded at Teleminds Infotech, where I had the privilege of working alongside a dynamic and talented team of over 280 employees. My journey there was marked by numerous achievements and challenges, but one of the most significant milestones was securing the position of the second-highest sales achiever in a single year. This remarkable feat was not only recognised internally but also celebrated with a prestigious certificate from both our esteemed client and the company's director, which was a testament to my dedication and hard work.

Throughout my tenure at Teleminds Infotech, I embraced various roles that allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the sales process, customer relationship management, and market analysis. My approach to sales was always client-centric, focusing on building long-term relationships and delivering tailored solutions that met their unique needs. I believe that punctuality, honesty, hard work, and a relentless drive to learn have been instrumental in propelling my career forward. These core values have not only shaped my professional success but also enabled me to navigate through the highs and lows of the industry with resilience and determination.

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