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Add new dimensions to the shopping experience

Putting on a dress without actually wearing it… fascinating, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a fantasy anymore. You can now choose your clothes and try them on virtually. But how to do so? How to select the right size and make sure it actually fits? Or figure out how you’ll look in it?
The introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming e-commerce massively today – enabling online retailers to provide their customers with a more engaging way to shop through their mobile phones. Be it interactive mirrors or navigation, stores use AR apps to transform your try-and-buy experience.
Besides being cool and engaging, AR shopping is much more convenient too. What is more, it is also creeping into brick and mortar stores. With continuous expansion in the e-commerce market, retail stores have to keep up and adopt the latest immersive technologies in order to have an edge over their competitors. As a result, the customers’ journey from entering a store to opening the packet at home has developed enormously. With AR in retail, shopping is not just shopping but an adventurous journey filled with choices.

Try it on virtually!

What do you do first when you go for dress shopping and like something? You try it on. With AR in fashion, you don’t need to try the dress on physically. You can do the same virtually with an interactive mirror and the virus keep away. Some brands like Timberland have started using these magic mirrors for customers to stand and try various outfits in front of them.
While shopping online too you can do the same while sitting at home. Lacoste is one such clothing and accessories brand that lets you try on a wide variety of footwear virtually through their AR app. All you need to do is point the phone camera towards your foot to watch your footwear change with just a swipe. The have even added cool graphics, music and postcards to enhance the experience.
Applications with smart mirrors enable users to customize a look by trying on different clothes, shoes and accessories using hand gestures In the end, you can also click a picture of your look and share it on social media to get reviews from your friends before deciding to buy it for yourself.

Get a choice of groceries

Where do we go to shop for groceries? We shop mostly from the nearest stores or supermarkets. But the long queues during rush hours are extremely troublesome and time-consuming. Shopping online is always not trustworthy because we are not sure what quality will be delivered. But what if there was a supermarket without any queues and guaranteed quality? Today many online and retail stores use AR to display their products before selling them to us. For example, Yihaodian is a Chinese grocery website that created about a thousand virtual stores overnight to compete with physical ones. Using augmented reality applications, they created interactive stores that you can see in your phone and walk through to buy what you need from the virtual shelves. After building your cart, everything is delivered to your home. The idea is very effective and customer-friendly and more stores, both offline and online, are likely to opt for it.

Find furniture that fits

AR furniture apps can enable you to see how a product will look inside your home before deciding to buy it. Popularized by IKEA, such apps can allow customers to customize the colour and type of furniture, move it around the house and resize it based on their preference. What can be more exciting than trying out various permutations and making sure you have just the right fit before you buy it?

Andreal, in Kolkata, has developed the ‘DressAR’ app that takes virtual shopping to another level. You can try on and select garments virtually through this app for a novel shopping experience.