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AR for Real Estate Industry

After years of slow adoption, the Indian real estate industry finally seems to have woken up to the huge marketing potential and wow factor offered to customers by  Augmented Reality Development(AR) technology. AR layers contextually relevant content on an image based trigger. You simply scan that image with your phone camera to enjoy the interactive digital content.

How does augmented reality benefit the real estate industry?

1. Customers when handed over a brochure often struggle to visualize the completed projects, especially when comparing several homes. Augmented Reality apps readily available on Google Play and Apple App Store come to the rescue with realistic 3D walkthroughs and 360-degree wraparound views.

2. Developers and marketing agencies have better chances at closing a sale when they can present exact interior finish options, 3D models, list of amenities and landscaping details to customers using the magic of AR.

3. Geo-tags can help easily locate properties on sale out there in the real world when such locations  are scanned through an augmented reality development  app. This is useful for generating inbound enquiries instead of having to spend on boosted ads on social media.

4. Audiovisual ads can be embedded right onto a printed brochure or leaflet, maximizing the impact left of customers and positively influencing their booking decision.

5. Animated call and email buttons can help guide customers about the next step once they are satisfied exploring the website and social media page of a project through AR app.

Not only AR-enabled brochures, but AR-enabled websites, stationery and even BTL material propose to revolutionize the way customers engage with real estate products, especially after launching of 4G data services and very soon… 5G, set to be as much as 100 times faster than current data speeds by 2020.

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