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Augmented Reality for Restaurants | augmented reality and virtual reality

Food for the eyes before teasing the taste buds

How often do you feel confused while going through a menu card in a restaurant? Not only about choosing what to eat but in imagining what the exotic sounding dish is like? Names and descriptions use fancy words that sound grand but don’t always help you in taking a decision.

Now imagine if you could get a detailed look at the food you are wondering whether to order with one click of your phone without having to guess. Life would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

Businesses all over the world are embracing augmented reality and virtual reality  because of the immense possibilities the technologies offer while demanding only a few resources. In particular, hotels and restaurants, big or small, are adopting AR- VR to enhance customer experience.

Let’s take a look at how the dining industry is using  immersive technology and  to woo customers and multiply sales:


Providing an interactive visual

The first appeal of food is visual. We all have our own mental vision ofhow food should look while going through a menu card in a restaurant. Especially while trying out new dishes, words may not be enough to describe the look and feel of a certain dish. If the actual food does not match picture in our mind, it is an acute disappointment.

An AR-based application can totally transform this situation and bring the menu to life. Video representation gives customers options to choose their desired food unhesitatingly without having to guess its appearance. Besides, with 3D visualization, the customer can also judge the portion size –an important issue while dining in a group or on a date.

This video explains how this works:

Removing the language barrier

In many situations, language can be an inhibiting factor while ordering. Using VR in restaurants can remove the language barrier and let all types of customers connect with the menu. Augmented digital connectivity helps the customers find answers even if they speak a different language. Be it religion-based, health-based and diet-based food, all sorts of people can explore their choice of food based without doubt or hesitation.

Advertising your restaurant

You may have your conventional methods for advertising your restaurant but you can enhance the engagement substantially by incorporating AR/VR technology.

The interactive nature of AR and VR help you create greater impact by adding several layers of delight to advertising. The hoarding or poster with an augmented reality features can show everything from how the food is prepared to how it is served in your restaurant. VR menu card can totally transform a dining experience.

Learning more about customers

Augmentation makes it easy for restaurant owners to get a clear feedback. With augmented reality and virtual reality in restaurants, the customers can review their dining experience and individual dishes as well as suggest recipes and improvements. Many restaurants get insights and ideas from such feedback to steal a march over customers. Running promotional activities and surveys is another aspect that can be easily built in at nominal cost.

Once you discover the power of AR Technology, you will find there is more to it than than3D or 360 degree videos.

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