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Augmented Reality & the Beauty Revolution

While the growing popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) in clothing and food industries is well accepted, we should also take a look at its applications in the beauty industry where various makeup-inspired Instagram filters have normalized its use. For beauty professionals ‘try before you buy’ is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing. From online virtual consultations to 3D virtual imaging to visualise plastic surgery, AR has already started revolutionising the beauty industry and there are various brands that use augmented reality.  But what can really accelerate the popularity of AR in this industry is the ‘stay-at-home’ during the pandemic. As the majority of the target audience constitute millennials with smartphones in their hands 24/7, it is easier to increase the popularity of this technology in the beauty industry with augmented reality ads in the game.  

We don’t really like to spend on something that we are not sure about, do we? So, how amazing it is that just like trying on clothes, we can virtually try on makeup. We don’t even have to go through the troublesome process of removing makeup with AR at the scene. Beauty brands have been quickly able to identify the importance of the tech in building their business. In 2020, L’oreal launched their personalized beauty device, after having previously sponsored a lens on Snapchat to promote one of their products. Social media has become a perfect platform for promoting such AR features for beauty brands. YouTube’s ‘AR Beauty Try-On’ in 2019 has opened the floodgates of making consumer connect immediate and impactful.

Let’s take a detailed look at some benefits of implementing agumented reality in the beauty industry:

Trying before buying

There’s no substitute for letting the customers try on the product to increase the chances of sale. Most visitors are converted to buyers when they can directly experience the application of the product and check out how they look. So yes, there’s that.

Educating people, building customers

Augmented reality can be used for educating people about how to achieve a particular look and what they need to do to do it. An AR app can include interactive tutorials on how to do everything from minor touch-ups to complete makeovers, starting from basic to expert levels. The app acts as a video game in which you look more presentable. And who wouldn’t want to play such a game? The app may have exclusive live streams where makeup artists share tips on achieving the look you want. As a beauty brand, having such an app will also drive customers to you. 

No toiling for makeup removal

Getting the critical makeup wrong when you are in a rush to go out is very frustrating. This is where AR comes into the frame. You can try on makeup options at your leisure and be sure before you actually put it on.

The wow factor

The wow factor associated with the use of AR in the beauty industry is most common in the elderly, who are often unaware of the advances in the tech world. How cute does it look when we capture a picture with our grandmothers with an Instagram filter on it? Use of AR greatly surprises this audience, arouses their curiosity and may even convert them to customers. 


With growing number of people becoming more conscious of their appearance, the beauty industry is being revolutionised by AR technology that can turn imagination into 3D reality. In India, there are very few companies that are daring to experiment with AR to take it to the next level, Andreal in Kolkata is one of them. Get in touch to discover how we can blend aesthetics with tech to change the way you look!