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Enable. Enrich. Empower

Enable. Enrich. Empower

Jagaran Microfin Pvt. Ltd.

Jagaran is a micro-finance company that has been playing an important role in empowering women to achieve their own identity and enhancing their daily livelihood by providing them with loans to start their own businesses. When Jagaran approached us for their Annual Report for the year 2018-19, we were delighted to know about their noble work. We thoroughly researched how their company works and designed an annual report based on their aims and objectives. They were impressed with our understanding of their services and as a result of which we were given the responsibility to make their website and later on a notebook. Keeping their true spirits high, we successfully delivered both and received positive feedback from their end.

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Keeping their true spirit high, we later created their website and a notebook which resonates perfectly with their brand and its objectives.

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