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Drive Traffic To Your Website With Facebook

SEO and digital advertising are both useful tools for increasing traffic to your website, but social media are by far the most capable. Researches on the subject have found that among all social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube and LinkedIn, Facebook drives the most website traffic. So, how to drive traffic from Facebook to your website for optimization? Here are some of the most potent ways:

Optimize your Facebook page for website clicks

If visitors can’t find your website link, quite naturally they can’t visit your website. So, you should put the link everywhere that makes sense, from your ‘About’ tab to event pages and promotional posts.

Considering adding a call-to-action (CTA) button to your Facebook profile at the top of your page is another important to-do. The CTA can be linked to the webpage that you choose. It can also help customers reach you through Messenger, email and phone to book a service.

Consistently post engaging blog content

Making your followers come back for more is critical. Consistently writing and posting of crisp, fresh blog content on your website — and then posting the links in your Facebook posts — grows your followers’ interest and does the job. An active website that posts new content frequently also helps to improve your website’s ranking.

Optimize your content for sharing

Once you post a new blog on your website and make the link available on your Facebook page, make it simple for people to share that content on their profiles. Putting up shareable content on your timeline will make more people know about you and broaden your functionality even further.

Craft compelling text

The text you include with your link could decide whether the visitor clicks or not. This should be short, describe the content of the link efficiently and arouse enough curiosity to leave Facebook and enter your website. For this, there are certain steps you should follow.

Firstly, avoid writing in all-caps so that the text remains subtle. All caps in a text may shout out lack of confidence in your service that you are trying to compensate with the text format and may cost you followers.

Secondly, a friendly, humorous and conversational tone may win the game for you. Write your Facebook posts the way you’d chat with people.

Last but definitely not the least, blog titles on Facebook posts should be compelling enough for people to click on them. An irresistible title goes a long way for gaining a click.

Update Your Website

Driving more traffic from Facebook to your website is crucial. But it is extremely disappointing to click a link and enter a website that looks out of date. Websites that look out of date can drive a visitor away, never to return. Attractive looking websites with state-of-the-art features engage visitors and make them stay on your website and explore further, increasing your new business chances. So, updating your website from time to time is of crucial importance.



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