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Graphic Designing Case Study


The world around us is going through a rapid advancement in the technological sphere. Andreal expert in graphic designing aims to provide you with services that make your communication with clients easier. We offer a full scale of creative and content solutions under one roof so that you do not have to run from pillar to post for your graphical communication. Andreal is the branding services division of Anderson Printing House that provides commendable printing solutions.


Location: Patna, Bihar (India)


Maurya Vihar Homes Pvt. Ltd. is a leading real estate developer. They develop housing solutions which are not only spacious and beautiful but also economical. Recently,  they developed a new luxurious tower called Maurya Elite. It is spacious and affordable. Maurya Vihar wanted to promote this new tower. For the promotion, they wanted – a logo and a premium brochure.


Andreal helped in graphic designing a modern logo for the project. A Logo helps in defining and establishing the brand. A rich premium brochure was designed and printed. Apart from that, Andreal provided several solutions such as graphic designing and branding  which helped in establishing the brand and also helped in the promotion of it.

Deliverables: Andreal provided:

  • Logo of the brand
  • 8 Isometrics
  • Floor plan
  • 3 WhatsApp GIF
  • Hoardings

Andreal plays an important role in the branding of Maurya Elite. Andreal provided the best designs and a rich premium brochure designing and print.