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How Immersive Technologies can support social media strategy

Imagine waking up with drowsy eyes, finding a delightful video on your social media newsfeed and, just when you were enjoying it, being interrupted by a minute-long advertisement video. Isn’t it awful?

But what if the advertisement was enabled with Augmented Reality or 360-degree views that were also engrossing? Well, maybe it wouldn’t seem to be that awful anymore.
Fact is, augmentation technologies today create immersive experiences that can make even ad interruptions a pleasure. In fact, they draw us into the enthralling world of interactivity and glue us to our seats.

So, what does this Immersive Technology mean?

The term immersive technology refers to digitally generated sensory experiences that emulate the physical world. It is an umbrella term for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).

• AR superimposes a digitally constructed image onto a person’s view of reality, creating a composite view.

• VR enables users to transport themselves into a 3D digital environment, which users can explore and manipulate with the help of appropriate gadgets.

• MR refers to the merging of the real and virtual worlds to form new environments, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time.

In the last decade, the world of immersive technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. What seemed fantastical a few years ago is now practical, and companies are finding new applications for this technology every day.

Many companies have recognized the seemingly infinite potential of marketing through immersive technology as AR, VR, and MR enable companies to connect with audiences through unique, memorable and highly customised experiences.

Immersive technology for Social media marketing:

Whether you are an MNC or a budding entrepreneur, social media platforms are integral to promoting your brand and attracting customers. However, social media marketing is not always cookies and rainbows. Advertisements on social media are often ignored and reported as unnecessary and irrelevant. The result is the opposite of what is desired.
To capture and hold attention, a social media ad must be visually impressive or engagingly interactive. Promoters who use it like conventional print and TV are liable to be rejected. Immersive technologies offer an economical way to engage prospective customers with attractive AR, VR or MR creation that can be done in a studio without expensive sets or photo-shoots.

Immersive technology in different businesses:

Immersive technology is being used in businesses to promote product experiences, motivate dealers, cultivate brand loyalty and improve employee teamwork.

Some common applications are:

• 3-D interactivity enhances online shopping experiences by enabling customers explore products in full before making a purchase decision.

• Mixed reality elevates customers’ in-store retail experiences. Retailers can use AR geo-location and indoor mapping to overlay to help users find the product they desire.

• VR allows customers to test out durables like furniture, washing machines and refrigerators by virtually fitting it in the allotted space before actually bringing it home.

• Virtual simulation allows automobile and equipment trials and exploration of features. Such close-to-reality product interactions develop confidence in the buying decision.

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