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Importance Of Graphic Design In Marketing Communication

What clothes are to a person, graphic design is to successful marketing communication. Logo,
brochure, stationery, website, leaflet… all tools of persuasion depend not only what they say
but also how they look. The visual impact often shapes the first impression – and the first
impression is often the lasting impression. Logos are a fundamental element of strong brand
identities. Posters draw the eye and entice buyers to choose your product. Brochures and
Annual reports impress key stakeholders. In the digital world, websites, apps and e-commerce
platforms show your products to best effect. There is no doubt that design has become an
inseparable part of a business both in physical and virtual markets.
Some of the most notable contributions of the right graphic design in enhancing marketing
communication are:
Enhancing loyal sales
Innovative well-designed units help boost sales immensely. Any uniquely designed thing
demands our attention. We are impressed by a different looking package or a crisp, interactive
website or even a sophisticated business card. They can make us feel closer to a business and
build a liking. As the attractive becomes familiar, they raise the comfort level to create loyal
customers. This eventually cumulates to higher market share.
Establishing company image
Graphic designs are also helpful in establishing a company’s name in the market. A good design
induces a closer look and when we see logo or a brochure repeatedly, it reminds us of the
brand values. Similarly, advertisements, websites, business cards that we see on a daily basis,
refresh our memories of the brand, enhancing brand image.
Building trust and goodwill
Social media posts and advertisements appear on our Facebook or Instagram feed every day-
and act as great tools for earning trust and goodwill. A Facebook post with the right aesthetic
values fills the viewers with confidence. We all begin to gain faith in the company’s products or
services if its design elements are reassuringly solid or sophisticated. Gradually, consistently
attractive designs will help a business win over customers.
Conveying brand message
A professional marketing designer understands the message the design should deliver. He
carefully chooses colors and typefaces to create the intended impression and evoke the
intended emotion. Design supplements and sharpens the message of the brand to attract the
potential customers.

Motivating employees
Employees of successful companies usually have a common cause that is unique to them. This is
partly created by uniforms, newsletters, posters, signboards, and audiovisuals which they are
regularly exposed to. These designs help to build a common identity of the employees and
unite them with a common purpose.
Accentuating professionalism
Offices and dealerships provide a physical impression and companies often struggle to create a
professional environment that suit their needs. Use of appropriate graphic designs makes an
enduring impression on clients, vendors, customers and visitors. This is not just a matter of
putting your logo at the right places but also influencing the audience with creative messages
designed for the environment.
As advancing digital technologies make more and more expressions of creativity possible,
businesses are demanding increasingly eye-catching and communicative design items. In this,
proven talent is a critical element for meeting branding needs and converting leads.

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