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India Fashion Expo 2018 & Andreal

Kolkata saw it’s biggest ever B2B fashion extravaganza named India Fashion Expo, 2018, from 3rd to 5th July of the current year. The massive 3-day event was organized by EIGMEF (Eastern India Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Federation). Andreal- augmented reality app development (in collaboration with Anderson Printing House) feels proud have associated with EIGMEF as their Event & Branding partner. As enormous as the event was, Andreal had to provide solutions for its needs. Our team of experts met the best of the sharp deadlines and fulfilled the requirements of the event. Our list of deliverables went as follows,

  • Event theme

For the 25th installment of India Fashion Expo, Andreal- augmented reality app development designed a theme that would focus on Indian clothing culture. Inspired by the ethnic printed cotton saree designs, the theme for IFE 2018 stood out and was well received.

  • Print Ads

An event of IFE 2018’s scale needs its worth of promotions. Actively participating in the promotions, Andreal made print ads for event and special attractions.

  • Outdoor Hoardings

Outdoor advertising was widely used in IFE 2018, all the banners & hoardings were conceptualized, designed and directed by AndReal- augmented reality app development.

  • Banners & Posters

As a part of indoor & outdoor advertising strategies, there were requirements of Banners & Posters. Designers at Andreal made the best use of the theme and created attractive looking Posters.

  • Leaflets

Leaflets & Handouts for the event, and participants, a major chunk of the work was totally handled by Team Andreal.

  • Stall façade & booklets

The most visible of all works in the event by Andreal, the stall façade was another enormous task handled gracefully. The huge façade with walls scaling up to 5600 sqft were widely praised for their creative design.

  • Sponsorship & Application kits.

Another important collateral for the event, the kits for Sponsors & Applicants were created with love and artistry at Andreal.

  • Participant kits with printed gifts

The kit for Participants was created at Andreal along with the goodies inside them.

  • Hotel Vouchers & Boarding Passes

Amongst all the huge designs, Andreal also created hotel vouchers & boarding passes for the guests.

  • Whatsapp slides

Digital invites sent over Whatsapp were designed.

  • Invitation videos

Invitation videos for digital platforms were being praised for their attractive designs and catchy visuals. Digital experts at Andreal worked towards making the video possible.

  • Radio spots

Radio spots were wrote and ideated in the house for the event.

And many others.

As Eastern India’s biggest ever garments fair, India Fashion Week, 2018 featured 300+ participants from various states, live concert by Sonu Nigam, & interactive B2B sessions.

It has been a pleasure working with EIGMEF.

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