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It’s not a gimmick or a show. It’s how you see the world.

What is WebAR?

WebAR brings Web augmented reality experiences through a web browser. It does not rely on any kind of app. With an AR experience directly on your browser you are in touch with this exuberant technology by accessing through QR-code or a link. WebAR enables every smartphone user to explore AR technology via augmented reality for web without the burden of any app installation. Augmented reality breaks conventional barriers and creates interactive 3D models on the web browser. AR makes any content come to life in multimedia 360 degree interaction for viewers to interact and explore.This makes the WebAR outreach much wider and it’s easier for people to access with an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet.

Not Imagining, Experiencing.

As previously mentioned, the fact you don’t have to download an app directly to your device is the biggest asset of WebAR. The size of an app and the data needed for downloading it on a device type etc, are obstacles when it comes to conventional AR solutions, but WebAR makes it immediately accessible. Augmented reality in a web browser doesn’t consume large amounts of data with big unnecessary downloads.

WebAR can revolutionise E-commerce experiences to another level. It is an incredible new platform for advertising campaigns. Augmented reality for web allows people to just scan a QR-code or follow a link to enjoy more engaging and interactive advertisements. Also WebAR can be operated on most browsers. So there is no need to have a certain specification of device in order to support web augmented reality. again increasing the reach of a particular experience.

How WebAR will help businesses?

Web AR adds selling power to your website to win over customers in a post COVID-19 world while lowering marketing costs and increasing outreach and accessibility. Prospects can see website content in 3D mode through augmented reality in web browser. This facilitates a deeper engagement with the product and content. You do not have to download any videos. All the 360 degree videos can be streamed on the browser itself. The scope of service expansion is also greater with dynamic imaging and 3D product interactions. Therefore, AR campaigns and experiences are more relevant and useful.

One of the most promising implementations of WebAR is 3D AR in invitation cards and brochures. This links print and social media post ads in this exciting world of WebAR. By scanning a QR-code or opening a link to the product you can experience dynamic content imaging through web based augmented reality. An interactive portal will appear on your phone screen. This allows you to interact with 3D versions of the product. The QR-code will also allow you to navigate the businesses website, social media profile, their products, their reach etc. Sharing a QR-code will become easier and the desirability of the product will be boosted through dynamic interaction.

The use of web augmented reality for entertainment is maybe the most fun use of AR. To have all the fun you can have on social media without having to download big apps and fill up unnecessary space on your device. Especially for gaming or for movie promotion web based augmented reality can get you an immersive experience with the help of just a click.

So Why Is WebAR So Exciting?

WebAR allows these brands to be creative, on a much wider scale. As a consumer too, the technology facilitates an interactive engagement with the brand and product, that was previously not possible. Augmented Reality for web started small and took time to make its presence felt. It is during these extraordinary times where we have been restricted in our homes has AR made it possible to experience new things. So we’re only just beginning to see the extent of its use within marketing. Global brands like Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s have already joined this platform. Shouldn’t you join the party?