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Sell Property Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is steadily spreading into our daily lives. From gaming to education,
the immersive aspects of VR have seeped into marketing and entertainment. Real estate
is one of the many industries that have benefited tremendously from this technology.
Imagine being able to have the experiences of being inside a house you wish to buy
without having to actually present anywhere near it. VR allows you to do so. And that is
just one of the many pros of this state of the art tech for both buyers and sellers. example -Virtual Reality companies like andreal

Exhibit your place remotely
When you are a realtor, it’s crucial that you show prospective buyers or tenants around
the place you wish to sell. Your clients need to see in the property in person for you to
be able to do so. If they live in a substantial distance away from the site, it may create
problems and you may lose a potential buyer. However, with introduction of VR in your
business, your clients can get the experience of being inside the property without even
leaving their living room. This will reduce their need for travelling and they’ll be much
less stressed out. Even before you meet them in person, they will have a positive
attitude towards the deal.

Play with alternative design ideas
With VR, you can map out exactly what options you have in mind for your property
development without having to spend a single penny on exhibiting real changes. You can
present an array of different ideas regarding your property design in full 3-D. Can you
imagine how impressed your clients will be when they’ll be able to explore these ideas
before making a final commitment?

Impress buyers with virtual furnishing
Does an empty unfurnished house look warm and appealing as a home? Well, it hardly
beckons ‘come home’, doesn’t it? However, with VR, your clients can have a look at the
house fully furnished with furniture of their choice. They can have a close-to-reality
vision of their dream home just as it would finally be. This will enhance their excitement
of living in the property and the chances of your sale.

Effectively communicate with buyers

Real estate business is all about persuasive communication for making a sale successful.
Can you count the number of times you’ve had to answer irrelevant questions of your

clients? Well, there will always be fewer questions if you can actually show them
around. With VR technology, you can even point out the thermostat or the fireplace.
When they walk around with a VR headset, potential customers get a feeling of being
inside their own home. What can beat this feeling while buying a house? With VR
replacing words and pictures with experience, every little detail can be explored in
person without the seller having to explain.

Stand out from others

There still aren’t many realtor businesses in the area with VR tech. So, combining VR
with your business makes you stand out in the competitive market and gives you a
unique selling point. It makes you appear high-tech and very, very professional. Right
from the beginning customers feel you have more to offer for an unbeatable first

Save money

VR tech may seem very expensive as an investment. but in the long run it helps you save
money and time. You don't need to stage demos or show properties in person that much.
360-degree and guided tour videos enable you to give virtual demos quickly and
conveniently straight into the customers mobile phone. With a one-time spend, you save
money through fewer trips and other investments.

Enhance your profile
360 and virtual tours are not only helpful to the client, but also can be a big hit on social
media. Can you keep a count of the number of riveting videos you've seen on YouTube?
VR raises awareness as more people view and share the immersive videos of your
property. This increases your audience and encourages more people to consider buying
your property.

Naturally, not everyone can make riveting VR videos. Andreal, located in Kolkata, is one
of the top VR companies in India. We provide a variety of immersive technology
solutions for your marketing needs. Be it real estate, education or consumer marketing,
we provide script to upload VR solutions for all. Get in touch with us to discover how
you can reach and convince customers to buy homes even before they get to see you in