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Stand out with optimum SEO strategie

The right Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy can make a critical difference to your
online business. Be it a start-up or an established venture, SEO is crucial for effective
visibility among active customers and long-term growth of the business. So, rather than get
smooth-talked by jargon, you need to understand what the purpose of SEO is and how it
Broadly speaking, SEO consists of several strategies, actions and practices that concentrate
on improving a website’s position in search engines. There are two types of SEO: on-page
and off-page. On-page SEO consists of that which you can control on your own website to
enhance your search rankings such as site speed, content and keyword presence. Off-page
SEO consists of whatever is done on other websites that may influence your ranking,
generally through backward and forward links.
So, now that we know what it is, it’s time to learn about the top 5 top strategies to make
you stand out in the game.

1. Create great content

Great SEO strategies are mainly built on the foundation of solid content. People usually
search for information, education and entertainment. Ideally your content should
 Educate site visitors on a subject
 Provide answers to their questions
 Provide solutions to their problems
 Provide further information about the service they’re looking for
High-quality content makes your SEO content useful and easily shareable on social media
networks. Remember that the primary objective of a search engine is to satisfy the
searcher’s need. Everything else is secondary.


2. Choose right keywords
Keywords are words and phrases that customers (and potential customers) use to search
for a service online.Putting these keywords into your SEO strategies and website content
makes it easier for the search engines to locate your site. It is essential so that they can then
present your business information to the searcher. Choosing keywords for your SEO
strategies should be chosen based on relevance, demand or search volume and competition. It’s
extremely essential to identify, select and use keywords that your potential customers will
actually search for. This can be done with proper research on the same, targeting words with
lower competition, including a combination of local search keywords, long tail and short tail
keywords. Short-tail keywords are general search queries consisting of one or two words, while
long-tail keywords consist of three to five or even more. This will enable you to attain a top
position faster and more easily.

3. Performing SEO audit

It’s very important that you know where you stand. Auditing your site is a crucial element
while developing your SEO strategies as it helps to identify where you have room for
improvement. An audit helps you understand
 if your website design, especially your homepage, is user friendly and easy to
navigate or not.
 whether there are any issues causing your website to load slowly.
 if your outbound and internal links are functioning correctly and guiding users to
wards the correct destination site.
 your performance in search engine result pages (SERPs).
 whether your site’s piece content is optimized for better conversion rates.
4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Smartphones are with everyone now and are here to stay. So, have you optimized your
website for them? If not, do it as soon as possible. More than half of the total search traffic

all over the world is attributed to mobile devices. Google has made changes to its algorithm
to prioritize mobile-friendly search results. In order to create an effective SEO strategy that
makes your business stand out, your website should have quick smartphomne phone
response times, formatted text to adjust to smaller screens and images that don’t slow down the
your website’s response.

5. Build Backlinks

A backlink is a clickable link that lives on a website and points to another site. Adding links
on your website and in your content that point back to credible outside sources relevant to
your content amazingle benefits your SEO strategy. So your SEO strategies should include a
sound link-building strategy, reaching out to authoritative sites and working together to create
beneficial backlinks, which in turn will help your ranking.
The purpose of SEO strategies is to enhance and grow your business and the importance of
SEO fo small businesses and big ones are alike to make one stand out. It takes proper
knowledge of SEO and successful implementation strategies to optimize your website for high
rankings in search engines. Unfortunately, finding an efficient company to help you in this aspect
can be troublesome. However, if you are a business owner in Kolkata, look no further. Andreal is
one of the best companies in the city providing SEO assistance to make your business shine and
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