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Teaching Made Easier With 3D Learning

From ancient practices to today's methods, education has gone through innumerable changes in
style and technique. But even now, students often feel distanced from what they are taught in
classrooms with textbooks or practical implementation classes. This is because of the absence of
interaction and adequate visualization of what they study. So, it is imperative that we learn to
adopt newer methods of teaching so that students can be totally engaged in whatever they are
being taught and can get a complete understanding of it.

This is why modern interactive 3D learning has been taking the education system by storm. Born
in a tech-dominated world, children today are extremely efficient in operating mobile phones and
computers and browsing the internet. They also find great excitement in the immersive nature of
3D. Implementing 3D visualization tools in classrooms substantially enhances the learning
process as they quickly and easily relate to it.

Benefits of 3D Virtualization

How wonderful would it have been if students of the previous generations got to visualize a
dinosaur in reality instead of going through mere images of them? It's possible for today's kids to
have such experiences, thanks to 3D virtualization. From literature to architecture, 3D
visualization tools and the evolution of 3D videos in education make everything engaging and

While learning about the respiratory system, the digestive system or any other mechanisms of the
human body, visual rendering enables students to go into each structure and experience how
things work. This can be from larger structural details to learning of the human body at a cellular
level. They can also experience details of a plant body through the same process. Science is
indeed made easy with 3D. They can delve deeply into a simulated world of experience and be
stimulated by it.
Take a subject as complex as planetary physics. Students can interact with planets and stars and
get better understandings of planetary operations by getting detailed and real-life visual 3D
structures of those. At advanced levels, they can make simulations and determine how certain

actions will change the entire process. They may even stop gravity and learn what would happen
if there was no gravity. Instead of mere hypothetical learning, they will be able to directly learn
the realities of several theories. Implementation of interactive 3D will bring about significant
change in academic results.
In middle school it can be incredibly challenging for some students to understand several
mathematical shapes and models just from images in textbooks. 3D interaction gives them a real
touch and feel of the subjects they learn. Virtual 3D structures of a triangle, rectangle, cube,
square, rectangle, pentagon, octagon, hexagon etc. allow them to clearly understand what they
are and grasp their unique features model.
Imagine having a 3D model of the Pyramids or the Leaning Tower of Pisa in front of you.
Students can now sit in their classroom and get a real feel of any geography, monument or
physical structure. It makes teaching easier for teachers as studentscan get a real feel of every
minute aspect of a structure and understand its salient features. Instead of abstract learning,
knowledge becomes an experiential process that cements painlessly in the mind. And, as Nelson
Mandela said, education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Impact of introduction of 3D learning in institutions

Implementation of interactive 3D models and 3D video integration in learning is sure to bring
about significant changes in the academic results in an institution. This dramatic improvement in
the academic results sky-rockets the reputation and brings your institution into the limelight. The
use of cutting-edge technology massively impresses the parents or guardians as well. Good
reputation brings in more students and in turn elevates your institution to greater heights.
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