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The Ultimate Guide To Generate LinkedIn Leads

It is true that in this age of digitization, social media platforms are the best mediums one can use to generate leads. While most of us spend all our time, effort, and (sometimes) money on Facebook and Instagram to give us some potential leads, it is actually LinkedIn which is the best platform one can use for generating scalable B2B leads. Ex- social media marketing company like Andreal

According to recent market research, more than 650 million people worldwide use LinkedIn. However, out of those, only 15% are the decision-makers, that is those are the people who will show interest in your products and services to later hire your organization to partner with their companies. In simple words, if you are on the lookout for people who are genuinely interested in your products and are not simply commenting ‘i am interested’, LinkedIn is the place for you. To add more credibility to this notion, you can check out the recent study by Forbes which shows that more than 58% of marketers are generating leads from LinkedIn, whereas for other social media platforms it is only a mere 26% combining all. If you are new to LinkedIn marketing and are feeling nervous knowing all your competitors are probably way ahead of you, we are here to guide you on your journey to LinkedIn marketing. Our value addition? We promise that if you follow this process, chances are you will get 50+ leads from LinkedIn every day.


A Little About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the hidden treasure loaded with more than 9 million business profiles from over 200 nations. A recent study by B2B News Network shows that a potential buyer is 75 times more likely to purchase from an organization that they have engaged with on LinkedIn, rather than other social media platforms. LinkedIn provides more credibility to the business and its owners because it is through LinkedIn one can have access to the educational qualifications and past experiences of the individual and the recent work done by the organization.  LinkedIn allows its users to target the audience on a deeper level which includes their location, present and past company details, industry preferences, and general interests. In simple words, it’s like a road map to your potential client’s preferences. That’s more than enough to make a pitch to potential customers and generate them to clients in no time. But how? Let’s find out!

The 5Ps To LinkedIn’s Marketing Strategy

Plan, Position, Promote, Propagate, Pursue – the 5-P strategy to find more than 50 leads on LinkedIn every day. Let’s dive deeper!

Step One – Plan: Instead of sending cold marketing emails, which eventually leads to nothing but data wastage, identify who your potential customers can be. Make the most of the ‘Advanced Search’ option and narrow down your search results accordingly. By allowing you to use filters like location, industry, designation, company, etc, your goal at this step is to use this fantastic feature to the fullest and generate the maximum number of leads using this. Joining LinkedIn groups is another brilliant way to generate leads on the first step for social media marketing company. Head over to the search bar and type down the keywords on the basis of which LinkedIn will shower you with plenty of groups. Have a look at the first five ones and don’t waste a second to join those groups.

Step Two – Position – We take the famous saying ‘A good and up-to-date LinkedIn profile offers you with many opportunities you can convert’ way too seriously. The internet is flooded with information and it is important to stand out. But before standing out, it is even more important to make your potential customers know about your services and offerings. Therefore, as difficult as it may sound, having an up-to-date, clear, crisp, and professional LinkedIn profile is a must. We understand that updating every little information in your profile is a dainty task, but don’t you love having an increase in your profit margins? I bet you do! So, don’t laze around from updating your profile from time to time.

Step Three – Promote – Let’s not be dishonest and say that we don’t like beating our own drums. We love flaunting our expertise and enjoy it, even more, when someone praises us. Flaunt your expertise, but do it in a subtle manner. You don’t want to look like you are bragging. But then, what is the preferable way to let the world know about your expertise? Use good quality content. Content marketing for social media marketing company is raging and if you want to look like an expert in your field, you must have your content marketing game on point. Use a substantial amount of video content and always link a whitepaper and a brochure with your LinkedIn profiles.

Step Four – Propagate Congratulations! You have successfully caught the attention of your potential customers. Initiate a conversation with them, talk about your offerings, and always keep in mind that in order to crack a deal you must always make them understand how much they will benefit from your products. Be yourself and don’t go overboard! You must maintain professionalism. Even if you don’t make a deal in this step, don’t lose heart. Make sure you continue doing all the steps and in no time your 50 leads will convert to 500.

Step Five – Pursue – You are almost there. It’s time to take this LinkedIn relationship to the next level. What’s that? Fix a virtual or an offline meeting and share with them what scope you have in mind with their organization. Ensure that your presentation must be intriguing enough to actually seal the deal.


Conclusion: This was our 5-P tried, tested, and proven way to generate a substantial amount of B2B leads through LinkedIn. Still, facing difficulties in understanding the process and looking for experts who can help you? Well, we would be honoured! Get in touch with us today and let’s take your LinkedIn game to the next level.