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Top 5 advertising design trends of 2021

Advertising design is more than just brand identification. It is about transforming the ordinary into something special with carefully chosen colours, fonts, graphics, illustrations, et al. Designs have the power  to educate, inform and most importantly induce a reaction.
It could evoke love, hate, happiness, anger but never indifference. And with every new trend, designers need to adopt and adapt.
Like all fashions trends each year new design trends arrive. It may be something new, something vintage or something in a newer avatar. It’s always a challenging task for a graphic artist to tackle the dynamic nature of designs.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most touted design trends of 2021:

Minimalistic and simplistic designs

Be it websites or online banner advertisements, minimalism will dominate the design scape. More of white space, fewer elements and a lot of thought: Oh yes! Simple designs can move mountains; if you give it enough time, love and respect.

As Divami says, here are three elements that go perfectly with minimalistic designs:

·         Content highlighting

·         Contrast highlighting

·         Crisp copy

Bye-bye simple fonts

While designs are set to be simple, sophisticated; eclectic, eccentric fonts will complement them. Kinetic typography, distorted fonts and Alpine display styles will make its presence felt across graphic design, branding and web design. Envato Elements named its go to fonts for 2021. We picked our favourite ones from their list. Designers working on luxury brands should particularly take at 1, 2 and 4.  Alright, the one at number 5 too is adorable.

1.      Urbano by Vect0ry

2.      Rollgates Luxury by Cotbada-studio

3.      Caligna by Holismjd

4.      Requilaby Olexstudio Serif

5.      Laura by andrewtimothy

With fonts so beautiful who needs pictures? Neil French who revolutionised copywriting with his Chivas ad rarely had image heavy creatives and would bank on the power of his words would have loved these (we think).  A simple bold font can make all the difference. Take Netflix as an example. The iconic ‘N’ is simple, yet so effective.


For any creative designer, colours are integralto effective graphic design. Earlier, the choice of colours depended on brand colours of the company. In 2021, there is much morefreedom for colour mixing and matching. It just has to be attractive enough to draw the onlooker’s attention. In 2020, ‘neo mint’was popular and has continued till this year. Blue and yellow shades were also trendy- as we know that primary colours never go old. With the popularity of minimalistic design, 2021 is a year of sober colours. Here is a list of colour-combo suggestions for designers looking for options:

  • sea blue and mint
  • mustard and beige
  • black and lime
  • pink and secret moss
  • black and red scarlet
  • soft green and white


There are hundreds of shades for each colour. This variety is being increasingly used to create product designs. Gradients have been a trend in graphic design for over three years and as studies show, it’s a trend that is here to stay.They provide more space for creativity and create a sense of movement.

Here are a couple of tips for creating effective gradients:

  • Do not choose colours randomly. You can choose any colour but it must match the mood of a particular element of the page or product.
  • Use the colours found in nature. Seeing similar colours on the product will visually please the onlooker.

Vintage effects

Old is gold. Graphic design is no exception to it. If you take a look at the streets you’ll notice how older fashion of the ’70s and ’80s are gaining popularity. Baggy oversized clothes, faded colours, old street brands have returned and is appealing tous all, of all generations.

2021 demands that we give graphic design a vintage touch, playing with nostalgia. For instance,adding a burnt out photo of the city or an image of a vintage car to illustrations is sure to give it the desired feel. With a little insight from Jillian Warren, here’s three vintage styles that we think are perfect for designers:

  • Black and white photos
  • Heavy grain effects
  • Text overlays


These are some of the trends that designers all over the world have adopted. Bit there’s so much more. Do you have a favourite among these?

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