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Mio Amore case study - confectionary shop

Client’s feedback - Andreal is a great company to work with, we appreciate the dedication they put in their projects. From a client’s perspective, they were always available and calm with last minute inputs. Andreal brought our vision to life and exceeded our expectations. We would love to work with them again.


During the 3 month contract with Mio Amore, Andreal needed to work on the following:

  • Improve brand communication through storytelling
  • Create eye catching designs to enhance consumer experience
  • Lead three campaigns: Mio Amore’s 29th Birthday, Christmas and New Year
  • Create distinct campaign logos
  • Manage the photoshoot for Valentine’s Day campaign

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Mio Amore is a confectionary shop specialising in cake designing and production. They have been serving since 1992 and have over 250 outlets all over West Bengal and Orissa.

Mio Amore approached Andreal for creative branding for a period of 3 months during which the following outcomes were achieved:

For their 29th Birthday Campaign, Andreal created a special price list having ‘29’ as the standard price for selected items.

Andreal designed special Christmax boxes, danglers, standee, umbrella branding design, cake stand, over 30 + van posters along with a special Christmas logo for Mio Amore.

For the New Year’s Campaign, Andreal further extended its scope of services. Andreal provided the design and branding for logo, gantry, bus branding, hoardings, boxes, danglers and leaflets for West Bengal and Orissa. Andreal did the Mio Amore Valentine’s Day cake collection photoshoot using Sony Alpha 16-50 mm lense.

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