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Finding a website developer or website development company in India might seem like a google search away. But, is it so simple? Getting everything in place so that your cross-platform website goes seamless is an illusionary oasis. And we bet that you will agree.

Andreal, a leading web company in India, offers services and related solutions to businesses of all sizes and types. We come with a team of experienced website developers in India that excels in technical and creative prowess.

Are you looking for a website development company? Andreal, a leading website development firm in India is at your service.

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As India’s evolving website development firm, Andreal creates websites with vision. The vision behind each site is fueled by the earnest desire to solve the client’s problems. The end goal is a sharp, crisp and SEO-friendly website. Of course, it is SEO-friendly, because that is what a true website development company would do.

Our services as a website development firm in India entails the following:


Website development services

Like the brain is to a body, the backend is to a website. Our website developers have been pooled out from the finest lot of website developers in India. These coding experts weave magic with foolproof execution that enables us to bind the client’s goodwill as a website development company in India. Our end-to-end web development services include web development, migration, maintenance, UX/UI, architecture and automation.



The biggest turn off for any user is a non-responsive website. Precisely, device compatibility issues. We ensure a seamless website surfing experience across devices as a web solutions company in India.


Cross-platform support

Well, it is not just devices. Websites underperform due to platform issues too. Our web developers publish websites that will be the same on any platform - Windows, macOS, Linux, ubuntu etc.


Testing and bug fixing

As a website development company with over five years in the field, we intend to deliver excellent results which are second to none of the web solutions companies in India. Before the site goes live, our testing team examines the site layer by layer to identify bugs and sort them.


Support and maintenance

Most of our clients have migrated to us with baggage of bad after-service from their previous web development firms. Many website developers procrastinate maintenance requests leading to hassles. Site update, active state of the site, maintenance, changes/addition/deletion of content, product upload, new feature integration, bug fixes, etc. are all covered by our web developers.


Third-party integration

In a swarm of website development companies in India, we give our clients the option for third-party integration enabled websites. Advanced API (application programming interface) facilitates a better website surfing experience. Payment gateway, SMS gateway, database gateway in addition to login features; custom development, upgrades, migrations, system integrations to set up the server-side technologies, we bring it all.



We don’t just make websites. As a website developer company, we also suggest re-engineering and alterations to help your website with a proper take-off.


UI/UX design and web design

Web solutions in India and abroad stand legit only when the client approves it. And we take this very seriously. Our website developers first develop and present the UI/UX to the client. We use the most modern artillery. React.js, Angular, Vue.js are some resources for designing and developing engaging, fast-loading, robust, user-friendly interfaces.


Mobile app development

We believe that a website development firm is complete in its purpose only when it brings apps to life as well. Thus, Andreal’s website developers also develop and build mobile apps.


A touch of modern technology

Did you say technology?
As India’s evolving and experienced website development firm in India, we believe in a strong foundation. With the twin-pronged approach to website development that combines the expertise of web developers and the edge of up-to-date tech, the company delivers well, time and again.
Here are our technological stock as a web solutions company:

Name Technology used and effectiveness
Server-side: images images images images images images images
Frontend: images images images images
E-commerce: images images
CMS: images images
Mobile: images images images images

Signature Andreal advantages

  • Transparency: Because we hate layers, we believe our clients have every right to know about their site and we abide by it.
  • Free estimate: Based on the requirements, our web developers share a free cost estimate with clients.
  • Trust: Ideas sell. When you share your idea with us, stay assured that it will remain with us only.
  • Hassle-free management: You will feel the professional touch in our execution as a top-rated website development firm in India.
  • Measured steps: A three-phased process enables perfect delivery – study, design development and publishing.

Why us and nobody else

We do not want to brag but we have the trust of some of the best clients any website development firm in India could ask for. Our emphasis on minute details, proper execution and timely delivery has helped us in climbing up the ladder briskly. Today, Andreal is known as one of India’s most professional and competent website development companies known for its unique custom-made website solutions.

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There is no minimum cost for a website. It is completely requirement-based.

The time frame for the website varies vastly. It takes at least 10-12 working days.

We develop informative, e-commerce, microsite, landing page, product catalogue, blog websites.

Yes. A basic SEO-friendly website will be developed initially. However, for detailed SEO, our digital marketing team will assist you with their expertise separately.

Of course, you can. We work with clients nationally and internationally.

The first-month maintenance is free from Andreal as a web solutions company in India.

Andreal is beyond a website development firm in India. It has a proper content team that assists in the website content. It is for the clients to choose if they want to share the content (text, images) themselves or source it from us.

Undeniably we will need you with us throughout the project – details, inputs, feedback. In the first step, we will share many questions with you for the perfect roads ahead.

To answer this, as a website developer company, we suggest a few things. Dynamic content, good design, strong call to action, original images, videos and basic SEO-friendly content always bring a balance to any website.

With our experience as a website developer company, we use the following technologies:

Server-side: PHP. laravel. Codeigniter, django, python, flusk, node.js Frontend: angular, react.js, MEAN stack, MERN stack E-commerce: Shopify, Woocommerce CMS: WordPress, custom PHP Mobile: iOS, Android, hybrid, flutter, ionic

We work with the following payment model: 50% advance, 25% during the project and 25% once the project is complete.

Yes. After all, it is your own website.

There is no issue. We hand over the codes, CPanel access, admin access to the client.

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