Star Performer

A few days back, a whirlwind of emotions hit me like a storm. It all began when a daring thief swiped my colleague Suhrid's phone on our way home from the office.

Sept, 23

My Romance with Reel-Life

The word ‘success’ is vast. I have achieved several things in life, though most of them are small! During my MBA days, I used to watch movies just after returning home from classes. The two movies that changed my fate were Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Oct, 23

Lending a helping hand to a student satisfied my soul

When I was pursuing my B-Tech Degree, I got accommodation at the university hostel. My hostel was a three-storeyed building with about 10 rooms accommodating two students each. I remember in my Third Year, we had a winter break and most of the students had left for the vacation barring a few.

Nov, 23

My Dream. My Passion.

G'day, mates! I'm Partho! And this is the story of my biggest motivation in life - Football. Football always boosts my confidence in life.

Dec, 23

Handling Career's Crucial Moments

Hi! I'm Debasis Mondal. I joined Andreal in August as IT Admin. New place, new challenges! Here I am getting full support of the IT Head, Rajeeb Da and Rohan Da, HR. They both always support me whenever I face problems. That’s why I can work here freely and solve problems easily. Let me tell you about a problem I faced suddenly before the puja holiday. A crucial desktop in our office crashed.

Jan, 24

Transformation- My Journey to the World of Advertising

Hello! My name is Dipan Parai and further here in this story you are going to have a glimpse of my success. Since childhood I was a shy and introverted kind of a person. Though I loved cricket but never had the courage to take part in any inter-school competition with all the big boys and hence have no extracurricular talent. After I passed my intermediaries I realized my introverted character needs to be reduced to the most as it may hamper my life and even career in future. I started working on it, watched videos on Youtube and tried to improve my introverted self bit by bit.

Feb, 24

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