Partho Halder

My Dream. My Passion.

G'day, mates! I'm Partho! And this is the story of my biggest motivation in life - Football.

Football always boosts my confidence in life.

Since the FIFA World Cup in 2014, I have been enchanted by this magnificent game, devoting several hours in the morning and practising with dedication. Gradually, I started experiencing a remarkable improvement that uplifted my confidence. I have started believing that I can achieve anything if I put my mind and dedication into it.

The story I am about to tell you is of an interschool football tournament that was held in 2018. When my team was losing by two goals, I entered the field as a substitute, scored a hat trick and won the match for my team. I lifted the title cup for my class. I scored seven goals in four matches in the tourney and won the "Most Valuable Player Award" for scoring maximum goals for a team. It is the biggest success in my life and the first-ever achievement in football.

Football is my passion. Whenever I face challenges, I play football to overcome any problems.

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Mani Casadona 12ES2,
East Tower Newtown Kolkata - 700156
West Bengal, India