Client feedback

Thank you, Andreal, for all the support and effort. The entire team was very agile and accommodated all our requests, which is very much appreciated! It also brought in a lot of learning for all of us! Special mention to every team member for your ‘can-do attitude and positive approach towards everything.’ Wish you the very best for all your future events.


Andreal developed a suite of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for Vi Business - the leading global B2B Mobility, Connectivity, IoT, and Cloud solutions provider - boosting brand visibility and credibility at India Mobile Congress 2023, held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

1. Challenges

  • Real-time visibility: Monitoring of cargo and assets at every point in the supply chain can be a growing concern for enterprises
  • Speed and efficiency: Automation of floor operations is critical to simplifying processes and optimizing logistics management

2. Implementation:

  • Holographic Media: Andreal introduced holographic media to enhance cargo visualization and monitoring. In collaboration with fabricators, Holographic projectors were placed strategically against 4-sided pillars, enabling attendees to interact with 3D representations of cargo, from the time a ship seeks permission to dock at the port.
  • Holographic Video: Team Andreal was also responsible for the creation of the video that included all the use cases
  • AR Application: We developed the AR application that offers 3-D simulations for all the 8 modules in the storyline, reducing the learning curve and increasing overall operational efficiency
  • Isometric 3D Model: We also custom-built the entire isometric diorama on display at the event from scratch, tailored as per the requirement. This enhanced the overall aesthetics at the boot and grabbed more eyeballs.


The logistics and supply chain industry is constantly evolving, and digitalisation plays a crucial role in its success. India adopted a transformative approach to enhance economic growth and infrastructure development with Gati Shakti - a national master plan for multi-modal connectivity devised by the Hon’ble PM in 2021.

Gati Shakti aids in seamless movement of people, goods, and services from one mode of transport to another. It will facilitate last mile connectivity of infrastructure and also reduce travel time for people.

The successful implementation of an intuitive logistics solution pipeline establishes Vi Business as a trusted digital partner to businesses and a more efficient and competitive player in the industry, handling complex supply chains for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace.

This case study further serves as a testament to Andreal’s expertise in holographic media, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) applications and the transformative potential of emerging technologies in an ever-evolving industry, especially logistics and supply chain.

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