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Motovolt case study - EV industry

Client’s feedback - We are content with Andreal’s services and are highly likely to recommend it to everyone looking for a website development company. Their professionalism and competent attitude resulted in positive outcomes for us. The traffic on our website has increased rapidly and the response is nothing short of positive. Our website is now easy to navigate and has tons of features to tailor the experience and make it as personalised as possible.


Motovolt approached Andreal with a vision to create a website that offers its users a better experience, with the following objectives:

  • Create custom features for each of its products to offer an accurate look and smooth experience.
  • Install a personalised chatbot integration system providing customers a platform to address in-depth concerns and get productive solutions on spot.
  • Create a live API (Application Programming Interface) streaming system to enhance seamless sharing of critical data and integrate current applications.

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Motovolt is an electric mobility company famous for its constant innovation in creating smart, eco-friendly transport solutions. They noticed a rising need to improve their digital presence and hence connected with us.

The web design and development contract with them was undertaken to increase their customer engagement. We achieved this by offering an extensive product catalogue with custom accessories for each Motovolt product. This enabled customers to select various accessories, colours, and range as per their liking. The sales score rose high; upto almost 20% of their earlier numbers.

We further installed a personalised chatbot which unlike the regular ones, did not offer restricted support. Infact, it went beyond and above that by providing various options, one being a switch from AI expert to “talk to an agent”. The quick personal feedback gained Motovolt a drastic upward graph for customer engagement.

With the introduction of its “Impact Meter'', Motovolt demonstrated how it is giving back to nature. The meter depicts real time information on litres of fuel saved and kilograms of carbon dioxide emission reduced against the distance travelled by Motovolt buyers.

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