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Pinax case study - steel manufacturer

Client’s feedback - Team Andreal developed our social media platforms from scratch and within 3 months we saw a complete turnaround in our website performance. They are extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and think outside the box when it comes to campaigns and provide accurate reports on all metrics . We highly recommend their marketing services.


Pinax Steel is a leading manufacturer of Electro Forged Gratings, Handrails, Chequered Plates, GI Pipes, Ladders, MS Flats with Hot Dip Galvanising and Painting Facilities from its state-of-the-art facility in Patna.

The company approached us to optimise the website keeping the main focus on its primary objective of bringing more traffic to a particular landing page of the website and increasing the conversion rates of the call-to-action button.

We also needed to incorporate certain web design practices into client’s SEO & SMO solutions.

To build an SEO strategy centred on evergreen content that would help generate long-term exposure.

Capture leads and ultimately convert them into paying customers.


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We performed A/B testing, revamped the website for seamless running across all devices, implemented off page and on-page SEO activities, promoted content through social channels, optimised the call-to-action button and improved the user experience of the website.

Further implementing white hat link building and link popularity strategy as per Google guidelines to achieve ongoing ranking improvement on all the business perspective keywords.

With combined team efforts we noticed that the rank of the targeted keywords shifted from page 7 to page 1 in the Google search results. We also saw an increase in the conversion rates. The company has seen a remarkable change in its traffic flow.

In the last 3 months, we raised the website sessions from about 1000 per month to over 5000 per month, website page views from 2200 to over 22000 and web users from 500 to almost 4500 per month and the lead too saw an increase of upto 15%.

We take pride in saying that the strategies implemented in this project helped us to reduce the bounce rate of the website and amplify the usability. Testing and implementing for more results in the future, Andreal is still working on the project.

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