Protech - Site Marketing Partner for Guwahati’s Leading Real Estate Company, Protech Group

Protech Group is a pioneer real estate builder and developer in Guwahati, Assam sharing valuable ideas and tips to help ease the process of buying a house of your dreams.

Andreal and Protech Group have partnered for various project such as Protech Prime, Protech Pride, Protech Dharapur Phase I & III, Protech Tarunnagar taking care of the entire real estate promotion, site marketing, website creative and immersive experience.

For the launch of Protech Dharapur Phase I, the team at Andreal had curated an interactive experience with the help of VR. The 360 degree view of the entire site was made viewable with the help of virtual reality. Apart from designing brochures, website creatives and the entire floor plan, isometric view, we had also designed a walkthrough of the real estate. Real Estate Promotion, Site Marketing, Website Creatives, Immersive

  • Client: Protech (PS Group)
  • Scope: Site Marketing
  • Industry: Real Estate


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