Designing Dreams, Building Realities: Andreal's Visionary Touch Redefines Ambuja Neotia’s City Centre Malls!

City Centre, developed by Ambuja Neotia has been successful in developing a multi-facility family destination across India consisting of shops, multiplex, food court, restaurant, entertainment arena, banquet hall and hotel.

Ambuja has collaborated with Andreal to coordinate campaigns to boost footfall and engagement. Our customized innovative design provided for each mall has a distinctive identity that enhances user engagement. Additionally, we manage social media postings and make sure the intended audience finds them engaging. Ambuja's market position is strengthened by our constant branding approach throughout all of our channels. Lastly, in order to enlighten and amuse the audience, we offer pertinent material.

The collaboration between Ambuja and Andreal helped to elevate the online presence of City Centre Malls, driving increased footfall and fostering a vibrant community around each location. Through our visually captivating designs, we have helped to create a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, reflecting the unique charm of each City Centre Mall.

  • Client: Ambuja Neotia
  • Scope: Design Marketing, Print
  • Industry: Real-Estate

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