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Covering everything from safety pins to ACs, e-commerce has established itself as a significant business arena. Team Andreal offers top-notch e-commerce platform development solutions. Supported by robust research and an understanding of current trends, our team provides an e-commerce web development experience that aligns with clients’ requirements. Our services encompass scalable websites and apps for both B2B and B2C operations.

We aspire to become the leading e-commerce solutions development company in India, and our clients' trust propels us toward this goal with each project they entrust to us. If you're considering e-commerce website development solutions, we're here for you.

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A complete house of e-commerce
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We believe that content and presentation are partners in crime when it comes to e-commerce platform development.


Custom e-commerce

Our e-commerce website and application development team packs a punch with custom needs. As a young team with fresh minds and ideas guided by experienced leaders, Andreal’s work continues setting new standards every day.


Retail software

Craft your e-commerce business’s development story with the most vigorous company in India. Using the smartest ways and techniques and a bit of common sense, we are eager to take e-commerce businesses to the next level.


Digital transformation

We don’t deny expectations. As a modern e-commerce development company in India, we integrate the most wanted features while business dreams take shape. e-commerce platform development solution here is aided by possibilities of having AI/ML, VR/AR, IoT-enabled complex enterprise-grade output. Whether you are going for an e-commerce website or an app, development will cover both.


Mobility solutions

e-commerce website development is good. Having it optimized for mobile as a website or an app is great. The people at work here ensure developing cross-platform e-commerce solutions that are seamless, bug-free and secure. Payment gateways, database and other important details, everything is safe.

Our portfolio

Industries we serve



  • AR-assisted shopping experiences
  • Interactive POP and POS materials
  • Catalogue and brochure augmentation
  • Virtual trial experiences
  • Virtual exhibitions and product demos
  • Product modelling



  • Equipment simulations
  • Surgery simulations
  • Virtual 3D modelling
  • Therapy training



  • Virtual classrooms
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Walkthroughs
  • Coursebook 3D modelling
  • Training simulations


Travel and leisure

  • Virtual tours and field trips
  • Location-specific AR apps
  • AR tour guides
  • AR menus



  • Equipment simulations
  • Technical training
  • Packaging guides and simulations
  • Manufacturing unit walkways


Real estate

  • Floor plans
  • Interior decoration
  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Architecture guides
  • Customised experiences

Expertise guided by professionalism

We aim at keeping our words and have successfully managed to do it so far. This is one of our multi-pronged SOPs list for our growth as a recognised e-commerce development company in India. We harness our resources’ to the fullest so that your platform only moves up and over. The technologies we use include:

Why Choose Andreal?

It’s simple – professionalism, sincerity and fairness. Our team is on their toes to blend experience and improvisation in the projects it takes.

  • NDA, compliance and security: Once your project comes to us, our developers work on it tight-lipped. Don’t worry about us spilling the beans.
  • Mobile UI/UX expertise: Apps and websites are our ball game. The UI/UX designers carry the expertise to get your e-commerce app up and running. They develop and test it entirely so that the clients’ clients take their shopping carts to the town.
  • Domain knowledge: WooCommerce, Shopify and much more, our developers are geared up with the practice of working on these platforms. We might be young but we are open to experiments. This also helps us to keep up with the industry trends.

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There is no such minimum cost. It completely depends on the demands and the end goal of the application. It may be just a website or both website and app. Plus the features being asked for decide the fate of the quotation.

The world is going online. Stores are shifting themselves to digital verse. e-commerce takes you global while being local.

After the agreement is finalized, the process involves a chain of processes. Requirement analysis, building prototypes, adding features and testing the application/website across devices, platforms and situations. Once it’s all okay, we release the application.

Not at all. We chose to be multifaceted for a reason. E-commerce, ERP, CRM, games, IoT, AI/ML, etc., you get a full range of app development solutions.

Every client is important to us and so is every sector. We work for both B2B and B2C clients, irrespective of their product, services and sector.

WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Xcart, BigCommerce form our technological ensemble.

The first month’s maintenance is on us covering a full circle. There’s a separate maintenance agreement from the second month onward.

Andreal is beyond e-commerce development. It has a proper content team that assists in the subject matter. It is for the clients to choose if they want to share the content (text, images) themselves or source it from us.

Of course, you can. We work with clients nationally and internationally.

Yes, our e-commerce development solutions encompass complete app optimization.

The time frame varies vastly. It takes at least 25-30 working days.

Projects from Andreal gives you a streamlined payment flow. We work with the following payment model: 50% advance, 25% during the project and 25% once the project is complete.

Not entirely but in bits and pieces. For a seamless experience, we suggest you go for a complete package which includes maintenance.

There is no issue. We hand over the necessary data and details with admin access to the client.

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