• User-Centric Design: We have conducted extensive user research to understand customer behaviour, pain points, and preferences. This insight informed the creation of a user-centric design that focused on easy navigation, clear call-to-action buttons, and an intuitive interface.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The new website was built to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors across all devices. This upgrade not only improved user experience but also positively impacted search engine rankings.
  • Interactive Features: Interactive elements, such as live tracking tools, and real-time shipment status updates were integrated to provide value to customers and improve engagement.
  • Email Marketing: We have implemented a lead nurturing email sequence, providing valuable content and personalised offers to engage potential customers and convert leads into loyal patrons.


The website redesign delivered exceptional results for Seaport, with an enhanced user experience at its core. The user-centric design and mobile responsiveness resulted in an impressive 45% decrease in bounce rate, while visitors spent more time exploring the website, enjoying a seamless and intuitive online journey.

Moreover, the website's improved search rankings proved vital in boosting Seaport's online visibility. Thanks to the mobile-friendly design, the company experienced a significant 30% increase in organic search traffic. The inclusion of interactive features also played a crucial role, resulting in a noteworthy 50% increase in return visitors and higher customer engagement.

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