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Zapped case study - social connect app

Client’s feedback - We were thrilled with Andreal’s work. They paid close attention to every detail we mentioned, and this helped us achieve best results.They were available for every query, and their efficiency and professionalism exceeded our expectations. The innovative and fresh approach of the team members is commendable. Thank you Team Andreal!


Zapped approached Andreal with its requirement of building 3D SFX pranks that were meant to be automatically recorded and shared with the prankster via WhatsApp. These were the objectives of Zapped:

  • Create 3D SFX pranks that can be forwarded via WhatsApp. The pranks would have an auto-record system that opens a camera view on the receiver’s phone and records the candid experience. The video then gets automatically saved on the receiver’s phone and a copy shared with the prankster
  • Install API framework, cloud storage and most importantly, overcome the barrier of app permission
  • Creation and activation of mandatory user login

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Zapped is a free social connect mobile app for Android and iOS. It boosts user engagement via real time Augmented Reality (AR) based special effects.

Andreal first fulfilled basic customer requirements by strengthening their API framework, Deep Linking, Cloud Platform, 3D & Visual Effects, Video Recording System etc.

Next, using Face AR, 10 pranks were designed by Andreal for Zapped. These included Egg Knock, Rocket Blast, Gift Boxing, Poop Face, KaaBOOM! and others. The app allowed the user to conduct a self test before forwarding the prank.

The greatest obstacle was to overcome privacy concerns, as pointed out by Andreal. However, to achieve what Zapped required, with the help of R&D approach Andreal implemented various troubleshooting native libraries to overcome pre-set app permission modules successfully.

The Face AR software used by Andreal was at par with Snapchat and Instagram in quality, delivery and smoothness of experience. The pranks sent by Zapped users were never treated as spam, since they became visible only once the receiver opened a prank. It was then displayed in the “Received” folder of their Google ID.

All the objectives put forward by Zapped were successfully met by Team Andreal. Customer experience and engagement both went up considerably. It was a wonderful creative journey for both Andreal and Zapped.

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