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Andreal has portrayed the story of 5000+ women behind Sundarini just the way we imagined. The art director, copywriters, ideators, and designers have done an excellent job. Looking forward to exciting work from the team.


Sundarini Naturals, a cooperative brand by women farmers of Sundarban, is working tirelessly to make our lives healthy and happy by connecting themselves with food-conscious consumers. Sundarini’s team of young professionals, and technical experts work directly with 5000+ dairy cooperative women farmers of Sundarban Islands who exert tremendous efforts to produce nutritious, chemical-free, preservative-free organic food items as per NPOP guidelines of the Government of India. Sundarini Naturals’ values are built on environmental and social sustainability, which empowers small and marginalised women farmers of Sundarban.

  • Comprehensive branding: Crafted the brand identity along with a compelling tagline, product packaging, and social & digital creatives.
  • In-shop branding: Created beautiful in-store branding to maximize the consumer experience
  • Packaging & marketing collateral: Created subtle designs for product packaging, bag, and poster, other marketing collateral
  • Social media & digital marketing: Developed extensive social media campaign, separately for milk and sweets
  • Well-known festival-specific campaigns: Done OOH campaign, in-house branding, and van branding for in and around Kolkata during Holi, Poila Baisakh, Durga Puja, Diwali, Kali Puja, Christmas and New Year.


Sundarini has been our retainer client for the last 2 years. We design innovative product packaging boxes, bags, comprehensive in-shop branding, posters, danglers, standees, wall art, and all offline and online promotions.

Sundarini Naturals produces a wide range of organic products such as milk, ghee, honey, milk-based sweets, snacks, rice, and pulses, which need extensive promotion - both online and offline. The brand wanted to engage with consumers of Kolkata emotionally.

Thus, for Sundarini’s brand identity creation, we thought of crafting an emblem of rural women, which we have incorporated as a mascot along with the “Sundarini” logo and presented the tagline “মিষ্টি মুখে হাসি ফোটান”.

For online promotion, we developed the story of communication so impactfully through story and visuals that whenever a customer buys a Sundarini product, it brings smiles to the faces of women farmers of Sundarban.

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