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Andreal brings the spirit of innovative India as an application development company. With a team of problem solvers, we deliver the best app development solutions including custom application development solutions and services.

With end-to-end custom application development solutions, we make every app a possibility. Ranging from simple to enterprise-grade complex applications, our efficient app developers are the reason behind our reputation as one of India’s most trusted and robust application development companies in India.

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What is an app without security? What is an app without a lag-free experience? What is an app without the freedom to customise?

Andreal’s custom app development services resolve these questions and bring you seamless apps suiting your needs. The app is developed using the latest SDKs and codes for a complete experience.

Our app development solutions include:


Custom application development

Well, it’s out in the open. Being India’s leading application development company, we develop apps for all walks of business. Our clientele extends across education, healthcare, e-commerce, enterprise, IoT domains to name some.


IoT apps

Controlling the world with a snap of the fingers? No, we don’t mean Thanos. We believe in custom application development that gives users complete control over their daily life through smart applications as the trend for smart homes catches up.


AI/ML apps

Alexa, Siri and OK Google are known to us all. Want to get a custom application that tracks user behaviour at various steps of development? Or an app that works on artificial intelligence? Andreal’s app development solutions give you the freedom to get applications with either one of AI and ML or both. The choice is yours.


Cross-platform apps

Whether you require standalone applications or enterprise-level solutions, our custom app development services offer seamless cross-platform applications, eliminating all complexities for your convenience.


E-commerce apps

Life has taken an adventurous leap into the online realm. The ever-evolving e-commerce sector has become a lucrative avenue for generating substantial income. Unlock the potential of modern technology with Andreal, India's emerging application development company, offering tailored solutions for up-to-date e-commerce applications.


UI/UX development

An application can be well-designed. But, if it is not developed properly, things go for a toss. Custom app development services provide our clients with the advantage of getting the app running like a knife on butter across compatible devices.

Our portfolio

The technological artillery

With a sharp team pulling strings, our custom app development solutions and services cover the latest technologies in the business. After all, when it comes to custom application development, we stop only at solutions.

Why Choose Andreal?

  • Transparency Unveiled: Dismissing complexities, we stand as one of the select app development companies in India that firmly believes in our clients' right to full transparency regarding their applications, an ethos we steadfastly uphold.
  • Complimentary Cost Insight: Guided by your requirements, our app development solutions team offers a cost estimate without charge.
  • Trustworthy Custodians: Your ideas are priceless. Rest assured, when you entrust us with your concept, it remains securely confidential.
  • Seamless Management: Immerse in the professional finesse of our execution as a leading application development company in India.
  • Meticulous Progression: Our meticulous three-phase approach guarantees seamless delivery – encompassing analysis, design development, and final publication.

Unlock Success: Embrace the Power of Custom App Development Services

We look at things differently. Application development solutions with customisations does not mean that we are under the pump always. Working solidly at stage one prevents leakage at the upcoming stages. In fact, building a strong foundation is an SOP for every project across departments at Andreal. This approach shields client’s as well as our interests with custom app development solutions and services as it saves time – the costliest object in the universe.

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There is no such minimum cost. It completely depends on the demands and the end goal of the application.

You get things the way they are when you avail of our custom application development solutions. Plus, the costs change and there are no ‘fixed price tag’ issues.

After the agreement is finalized, the process involves a chain of processes. Requirement analysis, building prototypes, adding features and testing the application across devices, platforms and situations. Once it’s all okay, we release the application.

Of course, you can. We work with clients nationally and internationally.

Yes, our custom application development solutions encompass app optimization.

The time frame for app development varies vastly. It takes at least 25-30 working days.

Going for custom app development services from Andreal gives you a streamlined payment flow. We work with the following payment model: 50% advance, 25% during the project and 25% once the project is complete.

Not entirely but in bits and pieces. For a seamless experience, we suggest you go for a complete custom app development services model which includes maintenance.

There is no issue. We hand over the necessary data and details with admin access to the client.

Every client is important to us and so is every sector. We work for both B2B and B2C clients, irrespective of their product, services and sector.

Flutter, React Native, Unity, unreal, Node.js, Ionic, google AR foundation, vuforia, leap motion, Kinect, 3D Vista, C++, Java, C# form our technological ensemble.

The first month’s maintenance is on us covering a full circle as custom application development solutions.

Andreal is beyond a custom app development services company. It has a proper content team that assists in the app content. It is for the clients to choose if they want to share the content (text, images) themselves or source it from us.

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