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Augmented Reality or AR is an interactive method of enhancing the objects of the real world by laying digital objects, elements and sounds on them. AR creates an immersive experience for the users that seems almost magical.

Given its immense popularity, AR has become one of the major trends in various business sectors. We at Andreal have designed AR solutions using different techniques like Slam AR, Computer Vision AR, Image Target based AR and many more to blur the boundaries between the digital and real worlds.

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A modern flat is now pocket-ready. With AR in real estate, model flats can be embedded in apps, websites or any imagery. From kilometres to kilobytes, things just changed.



Let clients set up their dream home. Get them to interact and play with colours, furniture, and decor. Make an offer that they can’t refuse.


Sales aids

A sales deck that spices things up wherever your sales reps move? Digital might be common but immersive tech is not when it comes to AR in real estate.

AR & VR in real estate - smarter
investment, better results

  • Updated Content for this part in the AR & VR Solutions
  • Experience The Convenience Of Seamless Storytelling
  • Elevate Walkthrough Experiences With AR Wayfinding
  • VR/AR Solutions For 3D Property Modeling
  • Unlock Your Brand's Potential With A Customised Mobile App
  • Experience Fast And Life-Like 3D Models

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Strategic app development process

Fixed cost

  • Discuss
  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Debug
  • Deploy

Product engineering

  • Envisage
  • Excogitate
  • Evaluate
  • Engage
  • Establish
  • Expand

Talent on demand

  • Ideation
  • Identification
  • Initialisation
  • Iterations
  • Inspection
  • Introduction

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Industries we serve



  • AR-assisted shopping experiences
  • Interactive POP and POS materials
  • Catalogue and brochure augmentation
  • Virtual trial experiences
  • Virtual exhibitions and product demos
  • Product modelling



  • Equipment simulations
  • Surgery simulations
  • Virtual 3D modelling
  • Therapy training



  • Virtual classrooms
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Walkthroughs
  • Coursebook 3D modelling
  • Training simulations


Travel and leisure

  • Virtual tours and field trips
  • Location-specific AR apps
  • AR tour guides
  • AR menus



  • Equipment simulations
  • Technical training
  • Packaging guides and simulations
  • Manufacturing unit walkways


Real estate

  • Floor plans
  • Interior decoration
  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Architecture guides
  • Customised experiences

Why Choose Andreal?

  • Unlocking Digital Connections:Connect with customers digitally, harnessing immersive technology's advantages.
  • First impressions count: Clear visualisations establish strong initial impact.
  • Streamlined deals: Enhanced clarity about the end result positively impacts buyer choices, expediting closures.
  • Boosted engagement: Immersive, modern tech boosts convenience and reach, yielding up to 10 times higher engagement.
  • Elevated conversions: Positive impressions lead to sales if the offering aligns.

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What if we could recreate the real world in a virtual environment? AR does exactly that, by recreating elements of the real world through visual and audio simulations. Virtual Reality takes this experience to another level, by blocking out the real world. AR is about enjoying the experience as a spectator, while with VR, the viewer is also a participator. Both AR and VR are popular business growth tools now.

Like most technological advancements, AR and VR are also highly dynamic. We update our apps and services regularly to give our clients the advantages of the latest versions. We also update our AR and VR apps to keep pace with our clients’ growing business needs and expansion plans.

Yes we can. While the experience will not remain the same, a web version is also enjoyable and usable for business purposes. We also work on gamification based on AR and VR themes, creating web-based apps for our clients.

No. We can also use a webpage to load and deliver the experience instead of creating an app.

The simple answer is: any and all. It does not matter how big or small a business is, or which sector, AR and VR can be used by anyone who wants to scale the ir business through innovation and technology.

Yes. The technology consumer market in India has been on a steep growth path for years now with no sign of slowing down, and the lockdown has given the AR and VR market a massive boost. Indian businesses using AR and VR solutions stand to increase both expansion and retention.

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