Debasis Mondal

Handling Career's Crucial Moments

Hi! I'm Debasis Mondal. I joined Andreal in August as IT Admin. New place, new challenges! Here I am getting full support of the IT Head, Rajeeb Da and Rohan Da, HR. They both always support me whenever I face problems. That’s why I can work here freely and solve problems easily. Let me tell you about a problem I faced suddenly before the puja holiday. A crucial desktop in our office crashed.

I have faced such problems here before, but they were all SMPS-related. Sometimes, I also have another issue, but this has been solved.

This time, I checked everything. However, the motherboard showed no response. I also reset Bios. I did everything that should be done. It was so important to make it ready so it could support everyone in the Design Team during an emergency.

I also got some important work at the same time. Since I have faced a similar situation before, I knew that I had to keep my head cool and concentrate on my work.

After careful consideration, I prepared that crucial workstation and handed it over to the user the same day. I completed the rest of the important tasks one by one.

The workstation I reassembled ran smoothly and supported everyone. I smelt the smell of success at last.

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