Dipan Parai

Transformation- My Journey to the World of Advertising

Hello! My name is Dipan Parai and further here in this story you are going to have a glimpse of my success.

Since childhood I was a shy and introverted kind of a person. Though I loved cricket but never had the courage to take part in any inter-school competition with all the big boys and hence have no extracurricular talent. After I passed my intermediaries I realized my introverted character needs to be reduced to the most as it may hamper my life and even career in future. I started working on it, watched videos on Youtube and tried to improve my introverted self bit by bit.

After my graduation I started preparing for govt. Sector jobs and tried for 7 years. That preparation though improved my General Knowledge and Current Affairs, but the result was not up to the qualifying mark. It was only after my post-graduation diploma in media management (PGDMM) with specialization in digital marketing, I saw the face of success. This post-graduate course from IISWBM changed my life and character both. My introverted character was improving drastically as I had to do a number of group projects, individual projects and carry out market surveys for completing the project. The course and the faculty members helped me overcome this introverted character and also let us introduce to the industry as they were not only professors but industry professionals too. The internship offered by my college, after the first semester, helped me to get introduced to the industry and also let me contribute to it. Completing the course I felt much more confident, improved self character and unlike earlier I was not afraid to face interviews. I am now posted in Andreal Advertising pvt ltd. as a Jr. Client Servicing Executive. I chose this as my career as since my internship I grew a love for the advertising industry where you are free to think wild, see and show your creative side. Now, I just wonder how I would have been able to serve this post, where I need to coordinate with my client and all my team if I were an introvert like before?...

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