Safeguarding the Health of India With Jalan’s Organic, Gluten-free Products Through Innovative Website and Informative Packaging

One of the top companies making gluten-free goods is the Jalan Group, which also makes jowar atta, makai atta, besan, and sattu. Its products are low in cholesterol and have a high protein and nutritional value. It has processing units in Ranchi, Hazaribagh, and Varanasi.

In order to meet the Jalan Group's need for packaging and digital marketing, Andreal teamed with them. We have been effective in creating visually appealing and educational packaging for each of their significant items. We did the packaging of all their regular, premium, millets, and hot selling products. Our group of digital marketers have successfully helped to enhance the brand visibility of Jalan. With great diligence, our creators have been promoting the business on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, with the aid of banners and posters, we manage the whole branding and advertising campaigns.

We've been successful in creating a captivating and user-friendly website for them. For wider acceptance of the website,we further translated it into Hindi to make it more user-friendly. The entire website has been made highly informative. All of their significant goods are briefly described on the website, along with information on their nutritional content for better reference. We have also created a section with delicious recipes using their products to add to the intrigue. Every recipe is delicious and simple to prepare at home. This further increases the reach and helps to draw in more viewers. Overall, we were successful in creating a visually appealing and functional website.

  • Client: Jalan Group
  • Scope: Branding, Re-branding, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Website Design Service & Social Media.
  • Industry: Food

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