Tracking Industrial Growth with Sectoral Reports by Andreal

LSI Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-service conglomerate with national presence. LSI has been publishing their sectoral annual reports through Anderson Printing House for more than 7 years now. For the last 3 years, LSI has also entrusted Andreal with designing these reports, as well as creating visually appealing office stationery that uphold their branding.

LSI came to us with a very different requirement. Apart from Financial Services, LSI Group includes LSI Engineering and Consultants, Resolute Valuers and Consultants, and LSI Resolution. Between these companies, the Group covers a wide array of financial services across industries, from investment banking to logistics, from debt services to new project appraisals. They wanted reports per sector, not per company. Our challenge was to make each report look different, while holding on to a common brand theme.

Andreal not just met expectations, but surpassed in performance, winning over LSI's confidence. Our work for LSI has set the benchmark for sectoral reports. The office stationery created by us is also deeply appreciated by the client.

We are looking forward to continuing this journey of mutual growth with LSI.

  • Client: LSI Financial Services
  • Scope: Sectoral Reports, Branding collaterals
  • Industry: Finance



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