Sanjib Chatterjee

My Romance with Reel-Life

The word ‘success’ is vast. I have achieved several things in life, though most of them are small!
During my MBA days, I used to watch movies just after returning home from classes. The two movies that changed my fate were Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005) starring the legendary Johnny Depp and Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer (2006)! These are not just some of my beloved films but also made me think creatively. Interestingly, the movies inspired me to go in a direction, associated with imagination, innovation & creativity. These 2 movies urged me to choose a specialisation in advertising, branding, and communications. I have been grateful to the movies which transformed my career perspectives.
Later, when I heard about “Crash the Pepsi IPL” Contest, I thought “Why not! Let me try”. And, believe me! It was not an easy task at all! I was not getting any permission to shoot inside the office premises. It took several days to get approval from the management. I got a serious blow from management. I was bullied! I was harassed. I got criticised! I didn’t give up! When I got a green signal, I received instant criticism from my supervisor. The deadline was approaching soon! Rather than working on scripts, I decided to shoot a 30-second video with some co-workers, who unfortunately were “camera-shy”!!
I went to a friend’s home. All I needed was a Sony DSLR camera for a perfect shot. I also got to know about camera handling, shooting and some basics. I convinced the team eventually and told them to bring out their natural side - the way they talk, collaborate and celebrate. Finally, I found the guys smiling and gaining confidence. After coming to the office premises, I added some more people, united the team and inspired them to perform their best. I wanted to keep it very simple yet engaging. The message was simple: “Drink it to believe it”. After several rehearsals, I made the final shot. I went home early for further editing. I submitted the entry well before the deadline.
This initiative definitely made me confident, although, to me, it cannot be called a “success story” in a true sense. And, I remembered how those 2 movies - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer helped me build my creative mindset.
My advertising career began.

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