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Where Artistry Meets Innovation : Transforming Spaces with Exquisite Wall Claddings and Tiles

Urban Stone has brought innovation to the genres of wall cladding and stone veneer technology. They have transformed exterior and interior design with their flawless designs and unique ideas. Their breathtaking designs of tiles, claddings, and stone products redefine elegance.

The Kolkata based company contacted Andreal mainly for digital marketing services. The partnership of Andreal with Urban Stone was to meet the digital marketing needs of the company and enhance their SEO strategy. Our aim was to increase Google searches for product-related searches and develop a strong brand positioning with the help of effective design and content. We further wanted to develop the website with effective content that boosted the SEO game and increased traffic.

Within a period of 7 months, we have been able to achieve all the targets of our clients. We developed the most appropriate website for the company that highlights all their products in the most innovative manner. The entire website was optimized effectively with keywords and images. It increased the website ranking and helped to draw in more customers. We have also brought about a massive improvement in their Google search queries. We have succeeded in placing Urban Stone in the first position in a Google search for product-related keywords. The company saw 700+ inquiries for franchise outlets. More than 35 projects have been completed by our client via online inquiries. To sum it up, we have been able to meet the needs of our clients and enhance the digital marketing of the company.

  • Client: Urban Stone
  • Scope: SEO Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand Positioning, Website Services
  • Industry: Construction

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